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I have always had a passion for photography and arts and crafts but it wasn't until I had my son, who is now 7, that I finally had a muse to be able to practice on.  As a new Mum, I really wanted photos of my son with us together as a family, rather than the style which has become more popular which generally involves a basket and headband!  I also did not want to necessarily spend all my maternity pay on those photos, so that is when I realised that there was a need for an affordable photographer who could capture those first precious moments - and that is when Kimber Kreative was born.


From here demand grew beyond the newborn family portrait sessions and I have since been lucky enough to branch out into Wedding Photography, Christenings, and family gatherings.


Being invited into someone's home to capture such a special period of their lives is always a very humbling experience and there is no better feeling than providing that new family with a visual story of their first chapter together. I look forward to hearing from you so we can start your story ...

Jen x


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